A novel by Libby Svenson

Andromeda's Turn is the story of Andromeda "Andy" Anderson, a typical teenager with typical teenage dilemmas: Why hasn't he called? Why is my mother so clueless? Why is one of my eyes bigger than the other? But she also has some more serious issues to deal with: her parents' bitter divorce; her mother's remarriage; an older brother with a troubled past; and a new friend with a mysterious secret. All her life Andy has heard the story of her mythical namesake, Andromeda of Ethiopia, chained to a rock as punishment for her vanity. That Andromeda was rescued by Perseus and won her place in history. Andy grows tired of waiting for a mythical hero to save her and turns the tables on the old myth, finding her own way to deal with her problems and make her own "happily ever after."

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About the Author

I was born in Minnesota in 1994, but I've lived most of my life in Virginia and Florida. My first novel, Andromeda's Turn, was started as a result of pure boredom during a road trip from Florida to Maine and back in the summer of 2007. I started with no serious ideas about writing a novel, but when I had drafted around 100 pages in those 4,168 miles, I spent the next few months writing, writing, editing and rewriting. My parents helped me with editing and the marketing of the final product, so it turned into a family project that ended up being a really great experience. I'm now a senior in high school and still write whenever I can. I've attended the Iowa Young Writers' Studio and the Sewanee Young Writers' Conference, and both further fueled my love for writing. Recently, I've been trying out more poetry and short stories but there are a couple new novels in progress, too. When I'm not focused on writing or school, I enjoy discovering new music, drinking tea and collecting ugly sweaters.

Character Sketches

Andromeda Grace Anderson (“Andy”)
     Born June 12 in Portland, OR
     Petite (5'3”) and a bit too thin
     Pale complexion with a few freckles
     Shoulder-length dark brown hair with long bangs and sparkly brown eyes
     Likes to dress punk
     Tends to speak her mind without thinking. Has a bad reputation, even thought she doesn’t deserve it.
     Likes music, writing, and playing the guitar. Dislikes school, people who judge her.

Adrian James Anderson
     Born September 17  in Venice, Italy
     5'8” tall, 150 pounds
     Long, wavy muddy brown hair, which he likes to dye random colors, and soft brown eyes, nice cheekbones, nice (but rare) smile
     Dresses mostly in beat-up tee shirts, jeans, and red Chuck Taylors
     Has a pierced eyebrow
     Strict vegetarian
     Usually very surly and stressed out, doesn’t trust anyone until he gets to know them better.
     Has a slight limp because of a broken leg.
     Likes playing guitar, writing poetry and baking cookies. Hates heights.

Alex Patrick Edison
      Born February 3 in Bristol, England
     5'6”, very thin and unhealthy looking
     Light brown hair with long floppy bangs and pale blue-green eyes.
     Soft-spoken and shy; people think he’s a jerk because he doesn’t talk much.
     Always wears a red wristband and a leather jacket, doesn’t like school uniforms.
     Used to play soccer, plays violin, and likes horses and cats, dislikes science.
     Has a younger sister named Courtney

Genevieve Aurelie Rochambeau l'Heureux (“Paris”)
     Born June 5 in Paris, France
     Just 5' tall and thin
     Shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, fair complexion
     Has a light, musical voice
     Very energetic, flirty and generous with her money
     Wears lots of perfume
     Likes dancing, knitting, scrap booking, ballet and guitar. Always has to be in control.

Amber Lynn Wilson
     Born December 27 in Toronto, Ontario
     Auburn hair, big green eyes
     5'7”, 130 pounds, very athletic
     Bubbly, out-going, caring, likes to hug people
     Signature colors are pink and green
     Plays bass
     Is on a soccer scholarship at Hillary’s

Zacharie Benoit des Grassins, “Zac”
     Born March 23 in Zurich, Switzerland
     5'7”, 135 pounds, muscular
     Has curly dark brown hair, dark brown (almost black) eyes, and a dazzling smile
     Comes from a wealthy banking family; can be a bit of a snob without trying to be one
     Allergic to perfume, but wears a lot of cologne
     Plays tennis, skis
     Like Paris, he’s flirty, and a neat freak
     Likes sports cars and math; is afraid of Adrian

Tyler Joe Anderson
     Around forty years old, born in Southern Mississippi, uses his accent for charm
     Never remarried after the divorce
     Never went to college
     Played in lots of bands before starting solo career
     Has a drinking problem

Marlene Scott
     In her late 30's
     Originally from Dunedin, Florida
     Short brown hair, soft brown eyes
     Moved to Portland while married to Tyler, worked for TV station there, later gets job with BBC
     Makes good muffins
     Doesn’t like loud music, strict, tries too hard to make her kids like her, loves coffee

David Gordon Wetherill
     About 40 years old, born in Southampton, UK
     Never married
     Comes from a very wealthy family, well educated. Graduated from Oxford.
     Self-conscious as a kid
     Owns clothing company
     Very-good looking, brown-blond hair, dark eyes