A novel by Libby Svenson

Andromeda's Turn is the story of Andromeda "Andy" Anderson, a typical teenager with typical teenage dilemmas: Why hasn't he called? Why is my mother so clueless? Why is one of my eyes bigger than the other? But she also has some more serious issues to deal with: her parents' bitter divorce; her mother's remarriage; an older brother with a troubled past; and a new friend with a mysterious secret. All her life Andy has heard the story of her mythical namesake, Andromeda of Ethiopia, chained to a rock as punishment for her vanity. That Andromeda was rescued by Perseus and won her place in history. Andy grows tired of waiting for a mythical hero to save her and turns the tables on the old myth, finding her own way to deal with her problems and make her own "happily ever after."

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About the Author

I was born in Minnesota in 1994, but I've lived most of my life in Virginia and Florida. My first novel, Andromeda's Turn, was started as a result of pure boredom during a road trip from Florida to Maine and back in the summer of 2007. I started with no serious ideas about writing a novel, but when I had drafted around 100 pages in those 4,168 miles, I spent the next few months writing, writing, editing and rewriting. My parents helped me with editing and the marketing of the final product, so it turned into a family project that ended up being a really great experience. I'm now a senior in high school and still write whenever I can. I've attended the Iowa Young Writers' Studio and the Sewanee Young Writers' Conference, and both further fueled my love for writing. Recently, I've been trying out more poetry and short stories but there are a couple new novels in progress, too. When I'm not focused on writing or school, I enjoy discovering new music, drinking tea and collecting ugly sweaters.


These are some of the songs I thought of during certain scenes in the book (SPOILER ALERT!)

     Rockstar--- Nickelback (Still at the beginning, when Andy is looking back at her family life) 
     Head Over Feet—Alanis Morissette (When Andy is meeting Zac or Alex for the first time)
     Without You—The Feeling (Toward the beginning of part two, when Alex is in New York. Also when he sends his melodramatic letter)
     I’ve Got My Own Problems to Fix— Smoosh (After Andy tells Adrian’s secret)
     Starlighter---Tenspoke Indies (When Andy and Alex are looking at the stars)
     When It Rains—Paramore  (Andy and Adrian on their way to New York)
     Skeptics and True Believers— The Academy Is… (Andy with Alex at the hospital) 
     When It All Falls Apart— The Veronicas (Andy, Adrian, and Tyler at the apartment)
     Girlfriend— Avril Lavigne (Andy and Paris fighting over Zac at the dance)
     Mercy— Duffy (Andy dancing with Zac)
     Blackbird— The Beatles (At the funeral)
     Listen To Your Heart— D.H.T & Edmee (Andy and Zac in the meadow)
     Jumper— Third Eye Blind (The tower)
     We’re a Happy Family— The Ramones (After the wedding)
     One Beat— Sleater-Kinney (The end)