A novel by Libby Svenson

Andromeda's Turn is the story of Andromeda "Andy" Anderson, a typical teenager with typical teenage dilemmas: Why hasn't he called? Why is my mother so clueless? Why is one of my eyes bigger than the other? But she also has some more serious issues to deal with: her parents' bitter divorce; her mother's remarriage; an older brother with a troubled past; and a new friend with a mysterious secret. All her life Andy has heard the story of her mythical namesake, Andromeda of Ethiopia, chained to a rock as punishment for her vanity. That Andromeda was rescued by Perseus and won her place in history. Andy grows tired of waiting for a mythical hero to save her and turns the tables on the old myth, finding her own way to deal with her problems and make her own "happily ever after."

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About the Author

I was born in Minnesota in 1994, but I've lived most of my life in Virginia and Florida. My first novel, Andromeda's Turn, was started as a result of pure boredom during a road trip from Florida to Maine and back in the summer of 2007. I started with no serious ideas about writing a novel, but when I had drafted around 100 pages in those 4,168 miles, I spent the next few months writing, writing, editing and rewriting. My parents helped me with editing and the marketing of the final product, so it turned into a family project that ended up being a really great experience. I'm now a senior in high school and still write whenever I can. I've attended the Iowa Young Writers' Studio and the Sewanee Young Writers' Conference, and both further fueled my love for writing. Recently, I've been trying out more poetry and short stories but there are a couple new novels in progress, too. When I'm not focused on writing or school, I enjoy discovering new music, drinking tea and collecting ugly sweaters.

Comments from Readers

"I read the first page to see if it was something I would enjoy and I couldn't stop reading it.  It was amazing and touching."
Allie – Vermont

"It was the BEST book I've ever read!!!!. . . I felt like the characters were actually real people!!!! I couldn't put this book down and read it for four days straight!!! I never read books more than once, but I'm definitely going to read Andromeda's Turn over and over again! I think it's cool how you tied in Greek mythology with the whole story . . . smart idea :) I also think that it's amazing how you're only 14 years old and you published such an amazing book -- I wish I could write like you!!!!"
Anna – Palm Harbor, Florida

 “. . . the book is impressive . . . very well written . . .  I was amazed at her ability to write conversation that carried the reader on and on with the story.”
Sigrid – Des Moines, Iowa

“It was wonderful. I cried and laughed and had every emotion. She managed to really get her reader involved. When I read, I get mental images of the characters, and Andy was Libby. She was such a strong, independent, confident girl, and I saw Libby. . . It was a beautiful story. I loved the way the mythology played into the plot – so well developed. Her characters were so believable and real. She just did an awesome job.
I am glad I bought two copies and had her sign one. I am keeping my first edition, autographed copy so that when she is a famous writer, I can say I knew her when—”
Pat – Tarpon Springs, Florida

“It is a treat to know a young woman in today’s world who values and is obviously passionate and talented about one of the purest forms of communications and interactions . . . Art and literature among teenagers still has a way to go to catch up with Wii and Facebook.”
Leon – Palm Harbor, Florida

“It’s incredible! The story had me riveted. I was reading it whenever I had a chance and I kept getting interrupted in the middle of important scenes.”
Rebecca – Croton-on-Hudson, New York

“I am like many others . . . a long-time aspiring author who has done nothing, but admires those who complete a work. It is extremely difficult for normal human beings . . . especially a novel and at such a young age. Great stuff!”
Harry – Palm Harbor, Florida

“ . . . I LOVED her book and could not put it down.   I even got up in the middle of the night to finish it!    Loved the characters, conversations, everything.  It's hard to imagine that someone so young could write so well.  Can't wait for the next novel!  Libby Svenson is a fantastic writer.”
Eileen – Miramar, Florida

“. . . In an age of texting, twittering and blogging, you write real sentences, and better yet, real paragraphs. Your feel for dialogue is spot on too. I can hear the people talking. . .”
Peter – Zionsville, Pennsylvania

“The book is awesome!!!!! I cried, laughed, and loved! I felt like all the characters are real. I couldn’t put it down. You need to write a sequel. CONTINUE THE STORY!!! . . . when’s the movie coming out!?”
Valentina – Palm Harbor, Florida

“I’m sooo impressed with Andromeda’s Turn! . . . I’m just amazed at the maturity of the writing – I’d never know this was written by a 13 year old.”
Bubbles – Davenport, Iowa

“In Andromeda’s Turn, I learned what it might be like to be a teen in high school. It’s a great novel that expresses love. It is dramatic, tender and a great choice for teens and adults. When you read the book, it is difficult to stop reading. I read it twice and recommend the book to everyone.”
Natalie – Clearwater, Florida

“Congratulations on Andromeda’s Turn! I’m sitting here unable to stop reading. Alex just left Hillary’s for New York and I’m dying to find out what happens to him! Thanks for providing me with a great read! Love the cover art too – it’s freakin’ awesome!”
Paula – Rochester, New York

“Oh my god, this is the coolest fourteen year old I have never met.”
Hayley – Franklin, Tennessee

“Definitely the next Twilight. It was amazing. Last night I couldn’t put it down!!”
Lauren – Tarpon Springs, Florida

I finished Andromeda’s Turn, and I thought it was great! It was written very well, and was very interesting. I couldn't put it down! Great job!”

“This book was great! I really liked the writing style and it kept me wanting to know more and I couldn’t set the book down. I’m encouraging everybody to please read it!! You definitely won’t be disappointed. I’m having all my friends and family read it.”
Heather – Amazon reviewer

“The book sounded interesting in the write-up, but it far exceeded my expectations for such a new, young writer. Libby Svenson gave her characters some challenging issues to deal with while playing to the mythological parallel. The characters were well developed and really believable, but this young author’s insight into their behaviours is what really impressed me.”
Polly – Amazon reviewer

“This author captures in a moving and suspenseful style weighty teen issues co-mingled in the lives of teenagers. It should also appeal to young adults and senior citizens as they recall their handling of these issues.”
Fran – Amazon reviewer